Want It Now & Mystery Auctions

Hi Everybody,
I'm Skip & I'm new to this board. Glad to meet you all. Have had a fun couple of days, reading through all the threads!!!!

I'm amazed at how much attention the Mystery auctions on ebay get. They get so much attention, I even found a post in "Want it Now" about a mystery auction!

You can view it here:

I think my newest ebay addiction is reading the "mystery" auctions, and some of the weird and bizarre ones. It's just too much fun!

Have a great day!


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The man who started this trend - the one who sold his mystery envelope to GoldenPalace - is a genius! But there are still a lot of ideas out there that can make us thousands, just have to think of something wild and interesting! I just wonder why the inspiration has left me????? Why don't ideas come to my head???? Anyone know?


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wow, wanted information on a auction that was actually posted here. I believe the auction was pulled. its somewhere in the mystery section!!

the Idea's... I couldnt tell you, I cant come up with any good ones myself.