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Discussion in 'Food & Beverage' started by Dragon, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Dragon

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    Today, I was out of my area and was driving around to find a place to eat. I found a Burger King and stopped in there for lunch. I ordered a double cheeseburger value meal. As i was waiting for my order, I saw one of the girls take a sandwich out of the microwave and set it on the tray. Then another girl took that sandwich, put it on my tray and hand it to me. I go to sit down and took a bite of my burger and it was horrible! I then ate my fries and the next thing you know, I felt hair in my mouth. I got up and left. I did not bother to ask them to replace my food because who knows, maybe I might get roaches.

    I tried to call the customer service number on my receipt to make a complaint but got no where because it was asking me for some kind of code.

  2. Mirage

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    You could go back tomorrow and tell the manager what happened. You'll could maybe get a refund but most likely just some free food.

    Try writing a letter to Burger King Corporate and complaining. You'll probably get treated better from them.

    Or you could always sue for millions. :)
  3. Doc

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    It asks for a code on the receipt, somewhere on the front.

    I worked at a Taco Bell for a good bit of time, and I can say that it can be nasty at times. During the rush times, people forget to wear their gloves, wipe their hands on their clothes, and so on. I know for a fact that people don't follow proper prep guidelines for the food. Yet I still can't stop eating tacos.
  4. Dragon

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    I do plan on contacting Burger King about this matter. Reheating my double cheeseburger was wrong because who knows how long it was sitting there before it was reheated. I could of probably gotten sick.

    I was going to contact a lawyer but doubt I have a case.
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  5. Mirage

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    I was kidding about the lawsuit idea. Most judges would toss that case out pretty quickly.

    It seems those kinds of cases always hit the news and from what I have seen the people end up making fools out of themselves and not winning anyway. They usually settle for something else and I doubt it's worth the hassle.
  6. dmny500

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    Yeah, I never would have left cause then you cant prove anything. I would have taken the hair and made a huge scene to see what I could have got from them. Then on top of that I would call up and complain to see if I couldn't get more cause I'm greedy like that. I know this stuff happens at fast food places some times but I just cant stop going. I doubt they would give you any money but I'm sure you could get a decent amount of free food coupons so that you could go back to the same place and get some more hair.
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  7. Dragon

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    I did some calculation and I am plan on suing for $54 million cause I believe that my mouth is that valuable, plus I am representing myself and plus I didn't have it my way. :lol:
  8. Mirage

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    Haha that's true. You could sue for false advertising and claim that you didn't have it you way! :D
  9. dDave

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    Oh man that's really sick I would hate to find hair in my food, I would certainly never return to that restaurant.
  10. Major

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    I don't know what you were doing eating at Burger King in the first place. Regardless, it's just a hair (happens all the time) and it's probably your fault for not telling them about it right away. To even consider a lawsuit because of a hair in your food is pretty ridiculous and I hope you were joking.

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