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Want extra income??? Its hard work, but rewarding!


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I see everyone talking about wanting to stay home with the kids, but not being able to afford it....also ones that just need the extra income in general just to make it.....Well I have a Idea....

Wanted Loving homes for children who just plan don't have a home at all.....
In our area alone there is over 500 children needing a home for the night or for longer but we only have 111 foster homes.....
People say "well I can't do that cuz I would get so attached" well guess what then you are the mom and dad these children need! Someone to love them and attach to them.....Sometimes it is sad and sometimes it is painful....but our sadness can not compare to what these children has gone through!
If you have dreams these children need to learn to have them.....If you have hope...these children need to know there is such a thing....

I am sad because I have taken care of a 13 year old and a 7 year old for over a year and a half and they are leaving in a few days to live with their new adoptive home.....I am happy they are being adopted...i am sad because they are my kids.....bitter/sweet!!! I have a wall of fame in my home of all the children I have taken care of since I started...8X10's surround our Foster license!!....This is my reward knowing I gave them a home, food, clothes, fun, and love and they will be better because of us!!!

Not all these children have been beaten...Just maybe neglected

Not all these children have been sexually abused....maybe just never had food in the house

Not all these children are abusive and angry.....just want someone to pray with them at night and give them a warm bed to sleep in

Not all these children came from drug homes.....just mom or dad may not have came home that night

Not all these children were living in the streets...maybe mom and dad were killed in a auto accident tonight

Mom may have had a emergency surgery and had no family...you may be the home that can care for this childen till mom gets better.....

there is so many reasons why I child is placed in Foster care...and Yes, some are for the Horror reasons above, but not all of them...some are just in limbo waiting for a Aunt or a Grandparent to come get them.....Some are there for longer with no family hoping to be adopted or have a gardian.......

Here is a idea for a little extra money if you are a stay at home mom or dad....Its not much for all the hard work, but all helps some.....but there is a lot of children that need a home for long period and short periods and you can choose age groups you will take......Being a foster parent(s) is hard work....but it is so rewarding......
Also, you do not have to be just a full time foster parent....You can also sign up and take the classes and such to become a Respite Care taker..Which is Foster familys get 2 days a month to have the foster kids go to respite..That would be your home..... I do both, but you can just be Respite care taker...that can get you about 200.00 to 400.00 extra a month just to be basically a licenced baby sitter for foster kids on the weekends so the real foster family can have a break or go on a trip....sometimes respite can last up to two weeks too...say if a foster family member had to have surgery or a extended vacation, you would take care of the child OR children in your home for that time.....I just had two little boys in my home for 6 days for respite for another foster mom and I believe the invoice was for $266.64
You never have to take every child they ask you to either....you can say "No not this weekend cuz we are going out of town" or whatever!!!
And as a foster mom I have said NO to teenage girls that have been sexually molested this reason is to protect my Husband and or me or teenage boy that are preditors this is to protect my daughter....

I Do full time foster care, Respite and Foster to adopt
here is washington states Basic Foster care rates (differs each state)

0 through 5 years old 369.69 a month per child
6 through 12 Years old 579.00 a month per child
13 through 18 years old 798.98 a month per child
respite care 22.22 a 24 hour period

these are just for Level one children...now if they have extra problems or physical conditions they can go up in levels....there is 4 levels...for every level of difficulty a child is it goes up 179.00 on top of the base rate above!
on top of this money is Childcare...the state pays all child care and medical and reimburse like 37 cents a mile on travel...like to and from Doctor appointments and theropy and such.....anywhere you take the child you log!...

The Boy we are adopting is a is 2 years old he is a level 2 because he has asthma and Exema.....So that is a example! And I just found out last Friday That I will get adoption support from the state after the adoption is complete until he is 18...its like getting childsupport...Plus I have asked the state for Medical until he is 18 that was my main concern since we do not know the future and his mother is mental delayed!

Now this is not much money and I do NOT NOT say to do this for the money, first of all it is not much and it is another child to feed and clothe......but do this for the child in return you are compensated a small amount for their care!

I am just saying this because I believe it is important to be home with your children and how better to earn a little bit more and care for more children!
I have always wanted more children and was unable to have more than my daughter and I do feel blessed most days hahahahah that I can do this for other children in return I had more babies in my life no matter what their ages!

To get started all you have to do is contact your local CPS or DCFS and you can do it on-line.....although classes will not be and take about 8 weeks two nights a week...this may also differ! No money will come out of your pocket...Just your time! they pay for your CPR/Firstaid and bloodborn pathegens classes

think about it....I just can't stand the thought that a lot of children are shoved into boarding home with few care takers because there is not enough families out there willing to open their homes up! Tell me what their stories will be about growing up...uggggg



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Thank you for the info Trina. I looked into it here in Michigan. I do not think we would qualify. They say a little snippit about income. And, we don't have health insurance. My hubby had to get a physical for one job and it cost $119.00 and he didn't even see a doctor! I could run rampant on health care costs, but I won't....

Lately, with writing resumes and searching for jobs, I haven't had much time for my son. He is showing it too...acting out a lot. I try to make sure I have some time with him, but of course he misses his momma. I try to tell him that mommy needs to work now so she can stay home more later. A three-year old just doesn't understand.

Thank you again for posting this. It really shows what kind of person you are. Someone that could bring strangers into their home and care for them like their own is someone special. I wish I was better at words, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think you are awesome for what you do, and well, thank you for being you and helping out all those children.


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Thank you so much!!!

I understand they talk about income and health insurance.....but the only proof they asked us about was income.....In my hubby's field if he was to take a traveling job (which could very well happen) he would be without health insurance or have to get it on his own....the state knows that and they know things can change from one moment to the next. That is why in the adoption of one of our younger foster children we stated that we want him to have insurance until he is 18, because we don't know what road we will take in the future!

What they want to make sure is that you can support yourself without the income of the children...and that you are not using or wanting to use the income from the children to support yourself. And this is only because they want to know the child is cared for and your saftey as well...children come and go and sometimes very fast...they do not want you to not be able to make it if a child or children have to leave. (but I have never had a empty home since I became a foster parent)

If you are interested in this please do not be discouraged from what the fine print says...you would be amazed on how many LOWER class folks are foster parents and GREAT ONES at that....Money can not buy love

There is just so many children that need a warm bed and a warm meal and a warm bath and some warm love....and there just isn't enough homes!!!


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My husband and I have talked about this before. QUITE a few times. We've always wondered what they mean by adequate space. He's calling today to find out ;)


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iggyshotthebear said:
My husband and I have talked about this before. QUITE a few times. We've always wondered what they mean by adequate space. He's calling today to find out ;)
This is something I could "see" you doing Iggy! Good luck!!


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The only problem we have right now is the space that we have. We live in a 2br/1ba house but its quite large. 1500 sqft. Not sure why the people who built it only put in two bedrooms. We already have bunkbeds but could EASILY add another set in the kids room or another set of bunks with trundles under each. There is ALOT of room for people in the house just not enough 'rooms' ya know?


Wanna play?
Can you make a loft area anywhere? I know what you mean about wasted space...I have a good size living area with a tiny kitchen, makes me wonder what they were thinking when they built it!!
Trina, could probably answer the space question, but it seems to me, being in a good loving home, should be what's important!


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iggyshotthebear said:
The only problem we have right now is the space that we have. We live in a 2br/1ba house but its quite large. 1500 sqft. Not sure why the people who built it only put in two bedrooms. We already have bunkbeds but could EASILY add another set in the kids room or another set of bunks with trundles under each. There is ALOT of room for people in the house just not enough 'rooms' ya know?
I forget the square footage for each child..........but if you were able to put in antoher set of bunk beds and the children could escape easilie in case of a fire...

anyway mainly to stay in one room they all need to be the same sex unless they are all under 6 years old...babies under 1 year old can stay in your room...

When you or if you sign up and take the classes you can designate what sex you would take and ages.....

also I would start out taking under 5 just to get use to the idea of having more children in your home........teenagers later if you deside.........seeings they are a bit harder!
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Hey all! Seems like I been gone FOREVER! I have been working on my webpage and WOW Trina! This thread is AWESOME! Got a question for ya? Could I copy and paste your first post and make a page on my web site just on this subject? Your post touched me and everyone here knows how great you are!