Want A Good Virus Scan Program ???

I tried AVG Virus Scan and I think it is the best out there and it is free just go to http://www.Grisoft.com.

AVG evens scans ALL incoming emails and it also updates daily and at the same time every day and it only takes about 1 minute total time for the updates

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Sure thing. Does this work better than Norton or McAfee? I use Norton myself but I think it's been missing things lately.


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After using virtually all packages available over the years, these are my thoughts and opinions. Keep in mind that you can look at "Top Ten" lists until you go blind, and the products will move all over the board... so these lists are less help than some may think.

Norton: Probably the most popular AV proggie going, but a tad over-rated, in my opinion. Very slick interface and excellent LiveUpdate feature. Also, Norton has a tendency to bog down machines it is installed down, so I call it a pig. Pretty good value for the price though for a single year protection.

McAfee: My personal current AV choice, as it does a very good job and does not slow the system down too much. A terrible pig in earlier incarnations, it has been retooled and the work shows. Good updates and good value for the money.

F-Prot: A very solid Program, but not without its quirks. Slightly prone to "false-positive" alerts. Product no longer supported for home users below Windows XP, so if you have a problem, "good luck". Caveat emptor.

Panda: Arguably one of the worst packages. Avoid, if possible, but better than nothing, I suppose. Just say "no" to Panda"smurfware". :)

AVG: Pretty darn good. Not too expensive but a bit of a hit and miss affair. Not my favorite, but hardly the worst. Not bad, at all, for a free product.

BitDefender: Designed for "propeller heads" with scads of features to tweak and tune. Not for the novice, but perhaps the best one going. A bit of a pig however.

Kapersky Labs: Great, if a bit "paranoid". Slightly prone to "false-positive" alerts. Good updates and lean, mean system integration. Not the best choice for the novice. This is the hare in a pack of piglets.

CA AntiVirus: Stellar product, but a real pig. Also a bit intrusive, much like Vista's confimation boxes. Sort of like a yappy teen that is high maintenance, lol.

Trend Micro: Not too bad, I suppose, but a pig and a penchant for missing new virii. It is rock solid for older virii however. Lots of features and settings, but again, not the best choice, imho.

Again... this is all my opinion, but I have been at this for over 20 years, lol.


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Well my trendmicro updates several times a day, And Ive never got hit.

Even if you visit sites with a virus, it will stop the page from loading, and tell you about it.


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Well my trendmicro updates several times a day, And Ive never got hit.

Even if you visit sites with a virus, it will stop the page from loading, and tell you about it.
You hit on a very good point that often gets overlooked. Frankly speaking, all the above will probably keep you safe as long as one remembers to apply updated definitions (If they are not automated.) The thing is, if one plays with pirated software, cracks or programs that "break" registration schemes in software packages then they will inevitably encounter nasty code from time to time.

Curiously, what are considered adult porn sites are among the safest sites on the Net, due to the concerted efforts to gain illegal access to those sites. An odd, but true, bit of trivia. Here I am not talking about the "Top Site" type garbage, but the actually sites themselves. The "Top site" genre will usually have something naughtly lurking in their code aside from naughty pictures.

Suffice to say that if you are a "middle of the road" surfer, who goes to large hosted sites, there is not much possibility that anything nasty will breed onto your machine.

If you trade software with friends -- all bets are off. Good luck.
If you connect to your office remotely -- also beware. It is rather amusing how many small company's get infected. It takes some time for their IT people to catch up simply because the buggers are not the best trained and are generally overworked.
If you connect to school networks -- also have a good AV program running at home.

Lastly, if you download even music or movies (ignoring the legality of doing so, of course) with things like BitComet, Limewire or any other peer to peer software, be sure to scan all recent downloads before loading them. Pay particular attention to these files:

CanBEanyName.MPG files that are 277 KB in size.
CanBEanyName.MP3 files that are 3,462KB in size.
CanBEanyName.MP3 files that are 119KB in size.

These are files you do not want and if you are lucky -- your AV proggie will catch them. Another hint is do NOT let Windows Media Player execute these files, rather, use a third party proggie like WinAmp or VLC. I am not a fan of iTunes, but that should be safe as well.


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I have used McAfee, Norton, AVG and trendmicro's free online housecall. I didn't like McAfee at all, because of its interface. Norton is OK, but is not my favorite.

I currently use AVG on my home computer, because it is free, it updates everyday and it has caught some viruses that were on web pages I went to before the file would download to my computer. I really like that.

Norton is OK, but I have only used it because several places that I worked used in on the computers.

Trend Micro's housecall is good, because it searches for virus and spyware, but it is only online, so it does protect you computer all the time. I only use it to double check my computer periodically to make sure that nothing has gotten past AVG.