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Wanna fun a fund?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I thought about creating an automated trading platform, but my style is too risky. I don't want to wake up in the morning to a big oops.

I suppose I could try out my strategy on this fake fund and see how I do.


Registered Member
Hey, this sounds cool. Since I don't have the money yet to even think about investing, but sure want to (mostly because I watched my dad make a mint on the market), it seems like a good idea to run a paper account (although I have to agree with whoever said it will really suck if you make a ton of money and it's just on paper and not in reality).

Don't know, but it seems like a really good way for newbies (like me) to get familiar with the terms and the procedures, make big mistakes but not really lose anything and maybe even learn some good strategies from others.


Registered Member
I do not have the series 7 right now. It wouldn't do me much good as I only trade my money, and the money of a few close friends.