wanna be vip?


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yeah I don't blame you! :lick:VIP is so WORTH it! I am SOOOO addicted to this thing... I don't think that even myspace keeps my attention this long. Now with the little customizations that you can do I feel more like I belong and like whoa.... Oh and btw I'm the only girl, so ladies really, help me enhance the female vip population...you know you want to...:nod:

ok so like this thread has little to no point except to express how much i love gf and being a vip is really awesome...and so to make sure that my message is heard and not removed, i would like to start a topic, what is your favorite part of gf? being as how i am stil tech a newb I don't wanna miss out!
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haha, I may be going VIP soon. It seems like it is getting more and more worth it. Especially with Hybrix adding on. Plus, It's nice to show support.
I think you should start blogging.:nod: Just a suggestion. None of the other VIP's seem to spend much time doing it and I love reading them.

PS Never say a thread has no point or it'll end up in sub-talk.


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VIP is pretty awesome. I'm thinking of putting some kind of video in my profile (which I still need to change update with new colors and whatnot). I can't decide on with video though. I am considering Darth Mual getting chopped in half...that has potential.

I still haven't tapped into all of the features, and I love what I have seen so far.