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Walmart's Pit and the Pendulum Capitalism


Son of Liberty
They've cost the taxpayers because their workers don't have the skills or education to work anywhere else. Pure genius.


Free Spirit
Staff member
This is an old article from April of 2014 and the statistics from this is from 2013. Since then Walmarts have started paying their employees more or they said they would. Probably not enough more to keep all employees off welfare. That would be according to how many kids they have I would assume.


Registered Member
I dont know very much about Walmart since we never shop there but isnt a lot of this on the government? I mean it is the governments decision if they want to give benefits to people with low paying jobs right? So maybe if the government stopped supporting the low wages and stuff then maybe Walmart would be forced to offer better wages and benefits? I mean they do need employees to run the stores and that would put it back on Walmart to support the employees.