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Walmart To Stop Selling Assault Rifles, Other Firearms Used In Mass Killings


Sultan of Swat
Staff member


Free Spirit
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Honestly I didn't know they sold them to begin with. It won't stop people from getting them but it will give people one less reason to shop at WM.

Sometimes I think they do this just to jump on the bandwagon and earn brownie points with the anti gun groups or they wasn't selling many to begin with. Because when you get down to it I imagine just about every type of gun has been used to murder. Maybe they should stop selling knives too, mass killings have been committed with those.


Registered Member
Wal Mart ad:
"Shop at Wal Mart! We dont support school shootings!"

I seriously doubt that mass killers buy their weapons at Wal Mart - especially since they can buy them for less on the streets - or even steal them. And why would a mass killer wanna buy a weapon that somebody could track?

Most legal gun owners buy their guns from companies with gun rep. Most mass killers probaly buy them from gun shows and on the street.
The anti-gun hype will make it more difficult for people to buy guns for defense but I seriously doubt it will stop criminals and mass killers.

Btw can Wal Mart be sued for refusing to sell guns to gun enthusiasts? I mean that bakery got sued for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake right?
Maybe somebody should make an experiment to find out if wanting to hunt is genetic?