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Wallpaper on your cell/mobile phone?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Do you have a personalised wallpaper on your device or do you use default phone settings by your provider?

How often do you change it?

Since I pretty much look at my phone several times a day, I do like changing the wallpaper depending on my mood. At one point I wanted my pic or my kids but it felt kind of weird when I'm outside and people who look at my phone (conscious or unconsciously) sees our faces. So I stick to less personal pictures, and yet something that is still personal but only to me because the memory of it or what it reminds me of is particular to me.

I also take note how it fits with the rest of my wallpaper icons (visibility, etc.).

Right now, the pic is this:

Taken last month from a bar hop with friends and I was the only one who had vodka while the rest ordered beer. I told them my glass looked prettier than theirs :lol:


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Usually I have pictures of me and my friends. I don't take the personal wallpapers that they give you with the phone since I don't usually like them.

Also, a lot of the times I'll just take a picture of my favorite sports team logo and use that as my wallpaper.


Well-Known Member
I haven't actually changed my wallpaper from the default since it upgraded itself a couple weeks back. It used to be a pic of Quinn that Blissy sent me, and before that is was a pic of Jared Leto that Idi sent me. Other than that I usually go with one of the presets.


Creeping On You
I like to take artsy pictures for my background. My first one was a picture of the the almost set sun. It ended up being pretty awesome. It showed some houses and trees sillhouetted and then black all around. Made a great background. My icons lined up along the black part on the bottom.

Then I had a picture of a floor. It was a neat pattern, and so I took a shot of the floor while walking through the mall, and had that as my background. Now I have a picture of a row of beer bottles in a window as my background.


yellow 4!
I always just have one of my random pictures as my background. It's usually not people though. At the moment it's a picture of a packet of toblerone cookies. You guys know how I love my food pics. :lol:


Well-Known Member
I use the iPhone app called "Backgrounds" where you can download free wallpapers to your phone and use them on your lock screen or your main screen, or even as a contact picture. I like it a lot and I change it when I'm feeling for something new. They have a wide variety of background that range from sports, nature, cars, and even goofy things alike. Here's what I have currently for my background on my main screen:



I ♥ Haters
I hate the default wallpapers that come with your phone, so I just usually have a personalized picture as my background. A few months ago, I had the GTA: San Andreas theme on my phone, complete with BG, Screensaver and Icons. Currently tho, my BG is pic of Cali Bear.




still nobody's bitch
I pretty much always have a picture of The Varmint, whichever pic happens to be my favorite at the time.


I have a picture of Stevie Ray Vaughn and my ring tone is Pride and Joy
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