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Wallet chains


aka ginger warlock
When I was growing up in college wallet chains were THE thing to own, if you did not have one you were basically a loser. But you couldn't have a wallet chain like this:

No no no, this was not acceptable! You needed something more like this!

They were the thing to own, a lot of people I know and me included wouldn't buy them from shops that sold them as accessories but would go into hardware stores and buy proper heavy duty chains that would come down to your knees. Its a fashion trend I will never forget and one that I can honestly say I liked, we were different, we looked strange to people but as with all trends I stopped, I am not sure when or why but I did. I know that we sometimes got into trouble with the police and were told not to wear them as they could be seen as an offensive weapon which to be fair is right, if we had wrapped them around our wrists we could have done some damage.

Was this a trend you ever followed? Do you still follow it and why?


Son of Liberty
I used to see a lot of people use them around here but I never did. I never liked the look and never got into it. Some of my friends did and they would sometimes try and convince me to buy one, but I never did.


Registered Member
My brother and his mates all had one. I always wondered how his trousers never fell down, as he would wear those below his arse, plus the weight of his wallet. I seem to remember my brother having about 3 or 4, no idea why. It was a trend I didn't go with. But around where I lived there were loads of both boys and girls with them, with boys in the majority of wearers.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I've seen people with them but I never had one, really don't care for the look. I guess it would keep someone from stealing you wallet. If not you have a big chain to beat them with.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Chain wallets were a look I never cared for. I don't know that I would say they were ever "popular" here, but there were definitely kids who had them when I was in school. It was mostly the skater crowd.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I think they're tacky and stupid. I'm always shocked when I see someone wearing one.


They look incredibly stupid. They weren't a big trend around here, thank God. Although I guess it wouldn't have matter all that much... I never followed fashion trends anyway.