Wallace Set For Free Agency

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    SI.com -
    Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace will become an unrestricted free agent Sunday after deciding not to extend his contract for another season.

    Wallace, who led Charlotte in scoring last season with 18.1 points a game, will explore all options, his agent, Rob Pelinka, said Tuesday.

    Wallace made just over $5.5 million last season. He will likely command at least $10 million a season under a new contract that could run as long as six years.


  2. andrew_bishop

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    Tough break for the Cats. He was a guy they really need to help them out and get them back on a winning path.
  3. Celtic Fan

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    Bobcats have the room under the cap to resign him no problem.
    question is, do they want to or are they going to commit to morrison?

    I wonder if Wallace is an example of a decent player putting up big numbers on a bad team.
    If he goes to a more evenly talented team and his shots dimish, will he still be effective?
  4. zunami

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    I never realized how much cap space Orlando is gonna have. 7.9 M plus Grant Hill's 17 M expiring contract. If they can't get Billups, they should go after him. Sign-and-trade for Billups and signing Wallace is entirely possible financially for them.
  5. StroShow

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    Gerald Wallace took a really good amount of shots away from Adam Morrison last year. But for good reason he was there best player in the team. But if they do want to put Adam Morrison the main scorer in Charlotte then they'll definitly not re-sign Gerald Wallace. Which I think will happen. He was good for them when he was there but I think it's time to move on and let the new breed take over.

    That's a good possibility Celtic, but it depends on how much talent the team as. If it was stack like it was during is days in Sacramento then is numbers will go down tremendously, but if it has a spot for him which will allow him to play his game(not meaning demand the ball like in Charlotte),but give him some love from time to time he'll produce. He's a tremendous athelete and now that he got the chance to get is feet wet in Charlotte he might be able to help another team that is already in the playoffs or on the bubble of making it. If not with is offence. He'll definitly do it with is defence.
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    THEONE Guest

    wallace a pretty underated player in the NBA so I thin k he needs to go to a team that could be a competitor

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