Wallace and O'neal

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    It's funny watching the to go at it, I know O'neal is more dominating then Wallace, but Wallace plays hard and makes key plays that helps the team win. The funny this is that Shaq was the first overall pick in 1992 coming out of LSU, and yes he has tons of accolades and deserved to be selected first, but then you look at Ben Wallace coming out of Virginia Union College going undrafted, then got signed by the Wizards showed a little potential, then went to play for Orlando, then we all know where he went next to the Pistons. Where he has one four defensive player of the years, ect. It's just funny if you look at it on both sides.

  2. oxyMORON

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    They're bothe excellent centers. Shaq just has a it more experience, I think. Other than that, O'Neal just bumps the crap out of his defender. That's a big part of why he scores so much. If another defender like Wallace comes along and can actually stand up to O'Neal's constant FOULS -_- , then he won't be as big. :D
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    I agree Shaq is a talented player but he's so much bigger then other players he plays against it's like unfair to whoever defends him. Don't get me wrong he as skills but if he wasn't as big he wouldn't be as good. Ben Wallace worked hard all is life to get where he's at right now. He's been threw a lot and I am happy to see him succeed the way he is. I am also not saying Shaq doesn't work hard but things comes a little easier for Shaq because of is size and lenght.
  4. Forbidden

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    Yeah, Shaqs size obviously helps him a lot, he can just get inside and go for the lay-up
  5. It's always interesting to see players who weren't thought highly of in college to do big things in the NBA. Hell, not comparing his career to bens...but Doug Christie was a soccer player...he didn't start playing Basketball until High School and just progressed very quickly and had a 14 year NBA career as a defensive specialist. Jon Starks played in the CBA before becoming a household name on the Knicks. Always good to see guys prove the world wrong and make a difference.
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    Seeing Ben Wallace succeed like he is actually inspires me. You don't need to go to a top rated college or be even drafted to have great success in the NBA What I really like about him too it's that you see he never takes it for granted, he's such a humble person. Then you see a guy like Shaq being like no one can stop me I am the best, which pisses me off a lot.
  7. Midnight

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    He can just go inside for the DUNK. Shaq because of his size and dominance has to throw the exclamation point.

    Ben Wallace prides himself over defense. He is a very athletics power foward in my opinion. I dont think this guy was ever built to be a center. The condition, strength, and bulk is thanks to that weight room. He worked very hard to become the player that he is today. That sheer will on his part.
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    They are both good players and i like Ben Wallace and Shaq
    But sence i want the Heat over Detroit i think O'neal is a better player
  9. Godfather

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    Shaq talented? Then what do you guys call a player that shoots and makes 6 out of 10 freethrows? God? Shaq has completely isolated himself from the most basic fundamental of the game, shooting - horrible or superb. And he can't even make a damn freethrow. If you ask me, Shaq is no more talented than Ben. But in the NBA size and power wins.

    Ben stuff Shaq in game 5 = the greatest block poster ever.
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    Yes he is a horrible free throw shooter, but so is Jermaine O'neal and Tim Duncan, and those guys are really good shooters, do you think their horrible? Also Shaq does have some nice post moves, and he has a very good hook shot, one of the hardest shots to make in the NBA. Also here's a few players that didn't get drafted that are having success in the playoffs in 2006. Raja Bell, and Marquis Daniels. Both got undrafted.

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