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Looks like Disney and Pixar have done it again. Wall-e hits me as a Charlie Chaplin like comedy, plus the little guy is cool. Check out the trailers and vignettes, I'm sure you'll laugh.

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I'm looking forward to Wall-E. I'm surprised Pixar has been able to produce quality movies for such a long time. It's good to know there's still hope out there.


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I want to see this one..From all the clips I have seen this looks to be a funny movie..The kids will eat this one up.

I know me and my family will be first in line to see Wall-E


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I'm thinking Wall-E is gonna be my third all time favorite Disney character, along with Jack Skellington and Winnie the Pooh.


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I'm probably going to see it, looks like it will be good for a few laughs.


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I'm not sold with this movie to be honest with you, it looks pretty boring, I defenitely won't go see it at the movie theaters but I'll probably end up seeing it when it comes out on DVD or satellite.


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I might be with MJ on this one. This probably isn't going to be something I'm going to see if there's anything else in the theater that I want to see.

It's a DVD movie for me I think, but if I get the chance and that means if I knock off everything else on my list, then I might get curious enough.