Walker,Posey Deactivated Over Conditioning Issue



I don't blame Riley for deactivating them. The season's been in session for a few months now and if they haven't met their conditioning goal yet, something's up. Riley made these team goals for this team and if they want to play, they should abide by and accomplish those goals. Even though I'm a diehard Heat fan and I know this will hurt us a little, I feel that they both don't deserve to play if they can't meet a team rule. Besides, if they are more conditioned, they'd probably play better. :p


Sultan of Swat
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I was really surprised when i read this because no basketball player should be out of shape in the regular season, and if Riley thought that they didn't meet team conditioning goals then yes they deserve to be suspended with good reasons. They have till January 15th to meet the team goals, or they'll get more punishments.


Wow what a surprise. The whole point is Miami isn't as hungry for a ring like they were a year ago. A year ago, this would never happen but they just don't care as much anymore.