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Movies "Walk the Line" Review


Problematic Shitlord
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix (Not sure on the spelling)
Reese Witherspoon
Rating: ***/*****
Recommendation: Rent it

This past weekend, I got to watch "Walk the Line", a movie based on the life of late country singer Johnny Cash. I figured it would be a good choice because of the Oscars and because it was nominated a few times. I sat to watch it with high hopes and got a decent movie in return. I'll start the way I start any review of anything, with the pros and cons.

- It's about Johnny Cash
- Strong acting
- Emotional and real
- Costume design is perfect and believable
- DVD was on sale at Target

- Odd transitions in places
- Some singing is awful
- Reese Witherspoon is in it
- Story can get stale

To start with the positives, the acting was brilliant. J.Phoenix (yes, saying J. Phoenix is a way of me avoiding the proper spelling of his name) plays Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon his wife. Their acting is powerful and real, it makes you feel like you're in the fifties, watching Cash and his rise to stardom. They worked well together and seemed to know their roles to near perfection.

Costumes were also very nicely done (I believe it was up for an Oscar, not sure if it won) and perfectly matched the era. I looked for little goofs but couldn't find anything. The cars, the buildings, the people all were very well done. The camera work was also very solid and created an atmosphere to match Cash well. My personal favorite scene was the jailhouse concert.

Unfortunately, what brought this film down the most was it's odd transitioning. Some scenes seemed to have had no significance whatsoever. The scene would last for about two minutes and then advance four years. Scenes were short, choppy, and sometimes quite the opposite. It seemed like some parts were repeated in different ways. Cash gets drunk, does something stupid, looks like an ass. Cash gets wasted, breaks something, looks like an ass. While this may be what his life was like, it did not need to be repeated several times over.

Another qualm I had was with Phoenix due to his awkward singing. At some points, I was sure I was listening to Johnny Cash and at others, I felt like I was hearing Phoenix's overpowering voice. Obviously, no one can reproduce Johnny Cash, but Phoenix didn't do it well enough.

All in all, it is a good movie. I was a bit let down, but it wasn't a night wasted. I recommend renting it first before you buy it as it may stifle you in the same way it did me.


Forum Drifter
Very good preview. You gave me some ideas on structuring.

I've heard very good things about this movie and would love to see it, but I don't know if I want to buy it.

Once again, great preview.


Its Was Very Slow But Overall Good. Reese was just annoying but i thought J.Phoenix acted extremely well.