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Wake up with the King


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Does anybody else find the current Burger King commercials hilarious? Sure that guy is annoying when he randomly pops up, but I have to say it's a very clever commercial. One of the best right now. :)

*holds a beef'normous burger out with a cheesy plastic smile on face*



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The BK commercials are good, but they're good in a fad sorta way. Their hilariousness wears off once you get what's going on and see it over and over enough times. There are other commercials I've seen recently that are very creative too. Like there's that one with the office workers tearing up the place and tackling each other when the beer is hidden all over the place. It's hella funny. There's others too, but that one got me recently.


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Buckeye101 said:
I don't really think the BK commercials are that great.

This is definitely one of the best commercials I've seen in a while. Samus will probably appreciate it.
I really like that one. Course, I'm from Chicago myself so I'm a hella big Jordan fan :D

My 1 1/2 y.o. likes the Quizno's commercials. She thinks Bob the Baby is her boyfriend. Whenever they come on, she gets all excited & starts talking to the TV :lol:


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So you probably knew who joined the Bulls in March of 1995, right? And then some power forward joined the squad in October that same year, and well...

And if I mention the digits 72-10, does that bring good 'ol NBA memories back or what?


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LOL...yes, I remember all of it well. I remember watching all the playoffs, finals, & championship games...what a rush!

Man, those were the days! I still catch em when I can...but there's the combination of kids & that team just aint what it was back then!

Course, it'll never change for me...regardless of how bad any of em are doing, I'm always gonna go for my Chicago teams :D


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i agree with Goldenbob, the first time i herd i thought it said that too! :-o