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    Probably nobody but me cares, but Wake is having their best season since the mid-80's. I just can't believe how well they are doing w/out their starting QB and RB. They only have one loss and if they win this weekend, they could be in first place in their division and probably be ranked in the top 15. If they can pull that off it will be a miracle season. The big difference this year is that in close games they are finally finding a way to win instead of a way to loose. Great job guys, keep up the good work.


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    Wake Forest is now 8-1 with their win over the number 16 ranked BC Eagles. Wake is 8-1 for the first time since 1944. This is an big time accomplishment considering that many people picked Wake to finish last in the conference. They are playing pretty darn good football, and they are making the big play when they need it (like the interception in the end zone late in the game to seal the win against the eagles). I know that still nobody cares, but I'm gonna keep it up until the season's over;)
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    I think the lack of respect they are getting is because people perceive the ACC as being down this year, and unfortunately they base that on bad years by FSU and Miami it is a shame because the Deacs have done a great job this season. So good in fact that they may get a reward of playing one of the top teams in a BCS game, somebody like a Michigan, Ohio State, USC, Texas or Arkansas/Auburn/Florida.

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    Wake Forest doesn't get any respect because they are Wake Forest. How in the crap do you have an 8-1 record and the ranking of 18 and go play a team FSU that is 1 game above .500 and be a 10pt underdog? I guess that Wake showed the doubters with that 30 to 0 @$$ whipping of FSU yesterday. They set numerous records including shutting Bobby Bowden out for the first time ever at home, most wins in school history, first win against FSU in 14 years and their first win at FSU in I believe 50+ years. And just think, all these accomplishments with a red-shirt freshman at QB (starter Ben Mauk went down in the first quarter of the first game of the season) and the top two running backs out for the season (we are starting our best WR at RB) and our top two defensive players were out for the game yesterday. It's just been an incredible season for the Deacs. Hopefully they will continue with this and get to the ACC championship game and possibly bye for a BCS bowl. Also if they aren't ranked in the top 12 after this weekend it will be a travesty. Another update next week;)

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