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Waiting last minute


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm sure everyone at school at projects, and they were usually told about them a few weeks, a month before the due date. Were you someone that started away, or waited a couple of days before the due date?

For me, it was pretty bad, I used to wait a few days before the due date. Some times, I would do it the morning of in my bus ride to school in pencil. I just didn't care for school at all, and I regret it, but it was it is.

So, how did you guys go about it?


yellow 4!
If it was a big project, I would get all excited about it at the beginning and get a good start. Then become disinterested and leave the bulk of it until last-ish minute. I don't like thought of anything being late, but I can stay up all night the night before if need be.

I would never have done it on the way to school like you though haha. Rebel


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't think I've ever in my life finished something in advance haha

I always waited to the last minute to do it...put it off. I used to do all my homework the morning of school in high school for like two years haha


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I think it's pretty normal for everyone to wait for the last minute. Especially teens because they always have something more important to do than the homework :D I was the same...


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I usually get a good head start cos I know I will fuck it up towards the end and not get good grades, but most minor assessments, I leave to the last hour actually. Such a bad habit.


When I was in High School I would leave things till the last minute. Now I'm in Uni I generally start things early, and do a little bit here and there over several weeks or however long it is. I always end up having a last minute rush though to get everything finished. Even though I start early now I never get enough done and end up having to do most of it with one or two days left.


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Back in my early years of school up until fourth grade, I would wait until the last minute to get my assignments/projects done and would sometimes lose points for turning them in late. However, from fourth grade on, I took my education seriously and kept note of certain parts of projects that had been done until I had them completed.


Registered Member
I procrastinated like a fiend. And when I say 'procrastinated', I mean I'm still pretty bad about it. The majority of my school projects got put off a lot. Like BR, I had some that I finished late the night before, or on the bus, or during an earlier class the day it was due. And many times, it got finished after the due date, or never even got finished.

Once in a while I didn't procrastinate, but that was usually if it was a huge assignment and I knew I needed all of the time available, or something.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I procrastinated then and I still do. Unless it was something I thought would be fun. My motto was 'why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.'


It's not me, it's you.
It depended on what it was at the time. I didn't enjoy science at all, and I never had a clue what to do for my science projects, so those I procrastinated and got some idea help on. For regular homework, I usually did it right away, so that I would have the rest of the evening free to do whatever I wanted. That approach usually paid off, because if I didn't understand something then I would be able to think it through or read up and have plenty of time to learn it, and pretty much made straight A's through the entirety of high school.

There were times when I would start working on my homework in the class, or if I had downtime (in another class) I would work on homework from other classes. I would say about half the time I already had my homework done before I even got home. If I hadn't finished it in class, a lot of the times I would work on it on the school bus. I lived the furthest out into the country, so I was on the bus for about an hour or more. I was the first person picked up in the morning and the last dropped off every day, and I would get pretty bored.