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Waffles, Pancakes, or French Toast

Waffles, Pancakes, or French Toast?

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Waffles, Pancakes, or French Toast, THAT my friends, is the question!

My vote goes to French Toast. If it's done right it's one of the best breakfast foods there is. :)


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Pancakes. Especially corn fritters with maple syrup or friut on top.


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Pancakes like my mom makes, which are more like crepes (very thin, light pancakes) .... top them with brown sugar and lemon juice (the yin and the yang) and pure heaven!


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French toast definitely! with cinnamon and powdered sugar....YUM!

I just had cold cereal :-/


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Ummmm...none of the above, eggs please. I think I was born without a sweet tooth.:-o


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waffles! waffles!! waffles!!! yumyum...i have gotten kinda tired of pancakes...french toast is too boring for me...anyway, probably it's partly because the recipes for pancakes and french toasts i have encountered are not that good...


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I see no reason to do otherwise, so I resurrect this for justice... and the oncoming FC armada.

I like waffles most. With strawberries and whipped cream is the best. Nice and simple.


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I voted french toast, but waffles and blueberry pancakes are good too. I love pretty much any breakfast food. I usually get eggs or an omelet and bacon and hash browns.