Wade on the ascent - Heat star elevating his game at the right time

Discussion in 'NBA' started by scottmcgrady, May 31, 2006.

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    How do you guys rate Dwyane Wade and what do you think he has done for Miami? Personally, i love him. I think he's amazing and can score at will (at least it seems). He can't shoot three's yet but he's improving but he can drive/dunk on anyone in the league. I think he has great potential and we've only seen the start.
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    Dwyane Wade is an amazing player, and he will only get better, and some people say that he wouldn't be that good without Shaq but I don't believe in that statement, people were really surprised when he was selected fifth overall by the Heat in the 2003 draft, but I wasn't he didn't have a stellar career at Marquette but he had lots of potential and the Heat scouts saw that potential. I agree that he's been improving is three pointers, and if he gets really good at that and becomes a better defender he'll be a very scary player.
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    When Shaq leaves, assuming Miami doesnt have any other dominant players, Dwyane is going to have to deal with double and triple teams nightly. He'll still be good but his field goal percentage will go down especially if he has to take 70% of the shots.

    Dwyane Wade had Lamar Odom Eddie Jones and Brian Grant in his rookie season to help with the scoring. I cant really predict the future, but I have no clue who the Heat's center will be. Wayne Simien will be playing solid minutes by then, hopefully Dorell Wright will have evolved into someone respectful. The defense will always be locked on to Dwyane Wade.

    Speaking of Dorell Wright, do you think Dwyane Wade will ever shift back to point guard if Jason Williams leaves? If Dorell Wright becomes a star player like everyone compares him to TMAC, will that be a basis for a lineup change?

    As for Dwyane Wade and three pointers, He isnt bad at all. I think his percentage is horrible because he launches them at inopportune times. Usually you see him jack up a couple towards the end of a close game. Now normally those are the ones that you pray go in to the hoop. He also launches his fair share of buzzer beaters. Im not saying Dwyane Wade is water from behind the arc, but he isnt necessarily a 25% three point shooter. It would be nice if Dwyane Wade could splash down the three with consistency, but its also nice that he doesnt have to rely on his perimeter shooting to make an impact.

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