I pwn noobs
Hi im new to this site. So far everything has been fantastic and everyone has been really cool. Lets see about me..... Im 19 years old, 5'10" 180 lbs. I have black hair, and my lip pierced. My favorite kind of games are either real time strategy, RPG's (specifically elder scrolls and FF games), and Tactical games like FF tactics and suikoden tactics. Well if you want to talk on AIM my sn is neuman985. and if you have a myspace you can add me at MySpace.com - Jeremy - 19 - Male - MACOMB, MICHIGAN - www.myspace.com/neuman985. Well i guess thats about it, o and my post are ridiculously long just so you all know. And i dont mind if you say STFU when i talk to much while i play poker or after my posts hehe. Hope to be a productive member of the community and hope to get to chat with all of you :D


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Welcome. You kind of came up out of nowhere and dominated in the game last night lol! Glad you are liking it here. Looks like you will fit in for sure. :)


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Almost all of his chip gains have come from me, but, it's all in good fun. You're a cool guy, nman, good to see ya came along.