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VPN Recommendation


New Member
We are a law firm with offices in Virginia and California, we want to setup a VPN solution to connect both offices, so that we can share legal documents between the two offices. We have been recommended Brixtel Corporation http://www.brixtel.com as being one of the leading technology provider. Any recommendations?


Registered Member
If you're needing to do a full-time VPN with a lot of traffic, and say a private document server that is available in both offices, you're probably best going with a company to do a managed VPN for you like that. I have had good luck with NewEdgeNetworks.com for managed VPNs.

If you're just needing to occasional document transfers and such, you could probably get away with doing on-demand VPN connections just between two machines. Simple VPN technology is built into Windows XP, Linux, and Mac OSX. And all you would have to do is make sure that you have the appropriate ports opened or forwarded in your firewalls at both locations. And a web search can show you how to set up those VPNs.

Good luck!



New Member
Thanks for your response Reverend. We just do not have the time to go out and learn the technology. We had Brixtel Corporation come out and setup our VPN and they are as recommended, they were on top of the project and we now have a constant connection between our offices, our productivity has shot up the roof.

Two Thumbs Up to Brixtel Corporation!