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Voting Turnouts


Creeping On You
A comment by Bubbles in the RTT gave me the idea for this thread and a few minutes of googling found me this interesting article to read in regards to voter turnouts for elections

Voter Turnout in Canada | Mapleleafweb.com

It focuses more on the Canadian end of things, but it touches on other nations as well. It mentions that there is a decline in voter turnout in most of the industrialized nations. I think the worst of the decline is in the youth. Out of everyone I know close to my age, I only know a few people that actually pay attention to politics and keep up with the bigger issues in parliament. The article also talks about this as well, and offers up a few suggestions to try and appeal to youth. I know for myself, when I first turned 18, there was an election that fall. I didn't end up voting that fall because I was clueless. I had no idea how to get registered, or where to go and what not. The only reason I figured it out for the next elections was because I asked around and researched and crap. I think it would go a long way towards reviving the youth vote if they institute some kind of teaching session for people in grade 12 at highschools. Sort of a 'So you're 18 and get to vote now' infosession. I'm sure more young adults would get out to vote if they actually knew what to do.

The article touches on a few more minor reasons, but personally I think, and the article doesn't mention this, but I think less people vote because they just don't like any of the candidates. Especially for Canada. Ultimately, the person we vote for in our riding helps decide who is going to be Prime Minister. However, considering our choices during the last few elections, it's been a bit of a 'pick the lesser evil' type situation. There was a lot of 'bah, i'm not even gonna vote for any of them this time around' banter at work and in my social groups. The parties need to pick better leaders I think. Try to find someone who'll lead them well, and will actually get Canadians excited to vote them in. I remember during the election in the states with Obama and that other guy. Although naturally there were those that didn't want him, Obama gave the people who did want him a lot of reason to get excited, with rallies and whatnot.

That actually brings me to another point I just thought of while typing that. In the states, they have huge campaign rallies eh? I know that here, the different parties do have campaign schemes, but it usually involves smear ads about the other parties. It really paints a negative light on politics, and I imagine that turns a lot of people off to. Really, I think if the parties grew up a little, and instead of bashing the other parties, worked at promoting themselves instead, more people would respect the political process and be more driven to get the party they like best elected as the government.

Wow, I typed a lot =P I applaud you for making it through my wall of text. What are you're guys thoughts on this? Any thing you disagree/agree with? Any of your own ideas about stuff in the article, or theories of your own in regards to the decline in voter turnouts? Lets discuss!
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