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  1. I was wondering how many people on the boards volunteer for various organizations, or work for various organizations under a volunteer basis. I posted this in the MD section so I wont get stupid responses. I have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity several times, I also volunteer for the Salvation Army, either serving meals or delievering them, and in Morgantown there is a place called "The Shack" that is basically a Boys and Girls Club, where I volunteer at also, tutor children, talk with them also. I've volunteered in Nursing Homes and Day Care Centers plenty of times of well I wouldn't call my work in prisons volunteer, though I suppose it is since I dont get paid. Anyway, does anyone else out there volunteer?

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    For the charitable:


    I've stopped volunteering at a local homeless shelter sometime back. I'm still concerned about poverty, still desire to help the homelesss, but I had some issues with policies of the people who ran it.

    I do alot of volunteering for filmmakers and musicians, but this really isn't any huge movement for social change (well, not on the outside anyway... but we will take over). This includes running film screenings, roadie shit, organizing meetings, and even unpaid crew positions.
  3. Well this is things that help people, lol which does include film makers, etc.
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    I'm not involved with a charity at the moment, but I've been meaning to do some volunteer work for a while now. I've been to lazy to go down to the salvation army during my free time, hopefully I'll get something done during the break.
  5. If you do volunteer work it does feel pretty good knowing you have done something good for your communty.
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    I'm not looking to feel good about myself @ the moment. It's more so they're people in need, and I'd like to help them, because I don't trust anyone else to do it for me. : P
  7. It does not mean you'd feel good about about yourself, its about helping the communty basically.

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