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Volunteer Work That's Similar To Being A Mental Health Worker


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Lots of people have mental illness. But on the bright side, their's lots of folks who want to help those trying to manage and overcome it.

Maybe you want to help those dealing with this terrible illness. However, maybe you want to do so without actually becoming a mental health worker. Maybe being a mental heath worker is too stressful for you at this point, for example.

If you want to help those with mental illness without becoming a mental health worker, then there are options for you out there.

Take me, for instance. Back in 2003, I wanted to help those suffering from depression. But I didn't want to work in the mental health field just yet because I was still recovering from my own set of mental health issues.

Hence, I decided to volunteer at a nursing home. As a volunteer, I visited many residents there, some of who had psychiatric issues. And some of the residents would talk to me about their issues with depression. In my opinion, it was similar to being a mental health worker.

So if you want to help those with mental illness without actually becoming a mental health worker, performing volunteer work may be a good option for you. It worked out well for me.
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Some people in nursing homes don't get any visitors. Considering most nursing homes are understaffed I bet they really appreciated you listening. Sometimes all it takes is someone listening to help.
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