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Pretty catching thread title, no?

I know a lot us watch a variety of anime. Loads of anime. My question to you is, do you stop to appreciate the voices that are your favorite anime characters?

If I am given the option to watch the original, I still prefer the English dubs. For me, English voice actors just have a wider range.

I'd have to say my favorite English ones are;

Male: John Michael Tatum (Kyory from Ouran, Komui from D. Gray-Man, Age from Heroic Age, etc.)

Female: Wendee Lee (Haruhi Suzumiya, Konata from Lucky Star, etc. etc.)

I'm really undecided for Japanese.


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I watch Jap with English/French subtitles. The dubs, some of them are ok but most, especially the French dubs are annoying to hear. Anyway I watch even non anime movies, as long as it's foreign, in their origina versions and subtitled.

I haven't watched that much anime to recognise the ones doing the japanese original voiceovers.


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It depends on how the voices seem to fit for me. Usually, I'm fine with either. In other cases, I'll prefer English over Japanese, or vice versa. For instance, I think the English voice actor for Excel Excel fits her hyperactive personality.


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Well I suppose I enjoy Wendy Lee and Luci Christian the most from the female camp.

I think Steven Blum is fantastic in nearly everything he does.


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Anime sucks in any language but japanese. There are only a few exceptions to this rule.