rainbow 11!
Could they be lengthened? I always go over the maximum by about 40 characters and I think it would be awesome if the length of VMs could be increased to maybe 400 or 500 characters instead of the usual 300.


rainbow 11!
well I'm not asking for a big increase, I think just a little bit will make a difference. And VMs are so much more convenient than PMs.


Creeping On You
That is true, easier to get to and what not. Maybe an increase to 500 characters, enough room for a decent paragraph.


I'm serious
I do PM's hen I want it to be private... But VM's can also be fun and like Kay says, it's also convenient...

Maybe we should make a poll for who wants it increased and who doesn't think it's necesary?


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Was it perhaps when we are sending each other VM's starting with Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3? Yeah, I was thinking the same thing that day. I would love for the limit to be raised just a little!!:nod:
...I think 500 charachters would be sufficient.:D
Why not send pm's instead if they are going to be long enough for part two's and three's?
I don't know about others here but I don't *do* PM's. I'm terrible at keeping up with them. VM's are so much easier and convenient for those who don't compose.
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