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Vista worth the money?

Vista worth the money?

  • Uhh, no way JosÉ.

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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
As with almost any kind of technology, it depends on the packages and value contained therein.


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Staff member
It's worth the money for me, but not automatically. I have to see what features it has of course. I am 99% sure I will upgade very close to release though.


Registered Member
I have only tested the Vista Beta 1. From that experience I think there are enough reason to wait for Vista final release. I would more look into the security features of Vista.


Registered Member
What I am hearing so far it is not and I don't plan on wasting my money upon it until someone comes out with a decent report about it.


Registered Member
From what I hear, it's not really worth the money of upgrading right away. I'm waiting for at least a year or so, for the bugs to be ironed out, and more programs have converted over.


New Member
i don't think its worth it right now. Apart from it being extremely shiny, theres not much to it. Like many people here, wait a year or 2, for bugs to get out, and prices to drop, THEN buy.
if you just want it because it looks "shiny" then google "vista transformation pack" It looks like vista, sounds like vista, BUT ITS [insert you current OST]!!!!!!!


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Plus the computer that you would need to run Vista would have to be good. My current computer would need to be upgraded for me to even use it.

1GB of RAM (minimum) 2GB of RAM (Recommended)

That is a lot of RAM for an OS.