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Visa offers $500K for eateries to stop accepting cash


Registered Member
I hate not being able to pay in cash. That said, there is no law that says private companies have to accept it. I was under the impression it was federal law, but I am wrong. Your creditors have to accept it. The government has to accept it.

Dairy Queen, not so much.


Free Spirit
Staff member
If all I am spending is a few dollars I prefer to use cash. Of course the owners of the business can run it as they see fit, its their business. If I don't like it I can avoid them.

Louisiana decided to force people to use charge cards/checks in yard sales which I think is ridiculous.

Louisiana Makes It Illegal To Use Cash For Secondhand Sales


Registered Member
What bugs me about using a credit card at eateries is putting my information on the line for a small payment. It doesn't seem worth the risk.

I figured that the Louisiana bill had to do with counterfeit money since that's a common way for a crook to operate. Stop at a yard sale with fake $20 bills, buy something small, walk away with legitimate cash, rinse and repeat. But no, it's all about taxes. Of course.