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Virtual Reality Headsets


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saw this article the other day:

and started thinking...

it claims that it's "equivalent to a 40-inch flat-panel screen at a distance of seven feet." which is eff'ing sweet cause i have nothing that big around here. it saves a lot of room so you can play "virtually" [ haha, i made a funny ] anywhere. no need to hog the main TV anymore with this thing. they also claim it's "affordable" but i have no clue how much it actually is.

has anyone tried these type of headsets before? how's the picture quality on the one you tried? how heavy is the thing?


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I get a little nervous about things like that cause they just seem like too much. My one nephew actually suffered from seizures brought about from playing SNES. That was pretty scary and luckily I know of no one else that has suffered from them but the possibility is there as things get more advanced.


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Headsets like this aren't totally new. I remember back in the NES days they came out with a headset. I forget what the name of it was, but it was this thing that you would put ontop of your head like one of those plastic headbands that some girls wear, and then there was this other plastic thing that reached down out in front that had a little lens panel that went in front of the eye, and on that panel was a little red target thing, and the objective was to look at the target on the screen in the game through that target thing in the eyepiece and yell "fire" into the mouthpiece that came out from the side, and supposedly the game was supposed to fire for you like it could hear you and respond. Funny contraption it was, but I never got that damn thing to work. In retrospect, I guess that technology musta went out of style when people learned they could perform the same function with an even simpler and earlier technology...

the A BUTTON!!!!! :lol: