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Virtual PC?


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I rarely ask computer questions but when I do you can rest assured that I really can't figure it out.

Well recently I installed Windows 98 and Windows XP (XPM) in Virtual PC on Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm having some slight issues with 98.

Installing 98 was a challenge in and of itself (considering I had no floppy drive) but I managed to make it through by virtualizing the floppy iso image and using DOS. The OS runs fine now though I configured it with a dynamically expanding HDD and 768MB of RAM (which is way more than it needs)

XP is working excellently but there are a few things that I can't seem to figure out.

-How to up the video RAM on a virtual machine (it seems to be stuck at a default of 4MB)
-How to Network Win 98 on a virtual PC

That's all. I also seem to be having issues playing the game Pitfall the Mayan adventure, for some reason it won't run in 98 but I know with all certainty that it should be (other games do run).

Any help would be great, I've searched tons of google and can't find an answer for any of these.

This may or may not belong in "Advanced discussion." :lol: