Virgin Mary gives birth to Jesus on Christmas


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i think that's a brilliant story, but man that child has some expectations of him! talk about having big shoes to fill :p


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The parents are attention whores. Putting such huge expectations and pressure on an innocent little child. NAming him after a fictional character.. GOD!


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At least the father knows it's a coincidence....

And who names their daughter Virgin Mary? I understand religious names, but isn't this one a bit..blatant (for lack of a better word)? They could've just gone with Mary. The husband too. I guess they're just big on naming people after Biblical characters in full in other countries.

If this kid doesn't make them some cheap wine, he's gonna be a big disappointment. :rolleyes:


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"In school they made fun of my name," she said.
So she reciprocates by giving her own child a similarly (if not more-so) insult-able name?

This is almost as bad as the Adolf Hitler Campbell thread.


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Jesus is a common name in many countries, so that's not a big deal. It will only be a big deal after they find out that his mom is named Virgin Mary and that he was born on Christmas.