Virgin Daughters: The Purity Pledge


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Anyway, i was watching one of those Cutting Edge Documentries on Channel 4 last night and they did a special on young girls who are part of a Purity Movement where they swear to remain virgins until their wedding day; they're not just talking about sex either-they wait until their wedding for their first kiss too. It's mostly for girls but boys take part aswell.

The whole thing kind of boggles my mind becuase it's one of those things where it's the old fashion 'i can't date this boy unless daddy says it's ok.' and most of the parents don't allow their daughters to date at all through their teenage lives because they don't want them to experiance the heartbreak. I think that's wrong because isn't part of growing up learning about the good and the bad of relationships?

The Virgin Daughters | Free Video Clips from Channel 4

There's a few clips on here and i don't know if she's on any of them, but there's a girl named Jessica who broke her pledge and she talks about what it was like for her.

EDIT: I found 2 vids on youtube, one is a small clip that is probably on the link i gave you and the other is the advert channel 4 ran.
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I can see some old fashioned charm to abstaining from sex until marriage. Meaning and romance in recreational sex, whatever the size of its presence, has taken a good pounding in the ass over the years. Going further along and ruling out kissing and co is going pretty extreme, though. As you say, it's very much detached from the reality of the world these days and I'm not sure how much of value they could hope to gain from the gesture in the long term. I'm sure there are like minded people around to appreciate them but they will indeed face a shock if (when?) they walk the wrong path. Extreme parenting isn't necessarily good parenting.
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If they can pull it off, I say more power to them. There is plenty of time for sex and serious relationships when they get older.

I know if I had a daughter I would like her to abstain from sex, now dating and kissing doesn't bother me all that much, I just wouldn't want to be called Gram pa till I was in my late 50's.

I do think they are taking a bit overboard, but each to their own as long as the kids are healthy and happy then it's all good.


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Sex is an important part of almost any relationship (I'm a believer in the whole balance thing, half physical half mental) so that's why I tend to have a more angered opinion towards these abstinence practices.


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Well each to their own. If you don't want to wait till you're married fair enough but if other people want to then I don't see what the problem is and vice versa.

As long as people aren't doing it when they're like, 12 then it's a person's own choice when they choose to have sex.

That being said I wouldn't let my dad choose my boyfriend for me.


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I think no kissing is pretty extreme. However, my bf is a devout Catholic (I am not) and he does not want to have sex until marriage. I respect his beliefs so I have no problem waiting. He's worth it. There's more to a good relationship than just sex.

However, he's a little more flexible about it, and it's really just actual sexual intercourse he abstains from. >_>

like most people have said: if it works for them, more power to them. If i had been raised that way, i would probably do the same thing. One of my very close guy friends actually once said "i would never kiss a girl unless i was seriously considering marrying her." i respect that, and sometimes I really wish I had that kind of mentality. But, like Cons, I think that physical and emotional/ mental parts of a romantic relationship go hand-in-hand. I would be angry if someone tried to force that on me now, but if that was what I had been raised with, thats probably what I would think.
I would get veeeeeery frustrated though :p haha jk
oh, i forgot to mention the only thing that kind of bugs me about it: the religious side. I like the the girl said that she is being "pure" for herself, not "for Jesus" or whatever, but I don't like that religion is so close to this message. people dont meed a religious reason for this kind of thing. at least, I don't think so.
actually, as i watch these clips more and more, i get more and more worried.
The girl talking about her wedding and her husband only knew each other for 8 weeks before they got engaged. as 'pure' and wonderful as that couple is, I can imagine other guys marrying girls SO THAT they can have sex with them. and that worries me.
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no surprise about this .in antiquity ,europe ,east ,almost all the people in world have the same opinion .sex is forbitten until marriage .
and in USA sex open is just latter day.
just becouse people change their opinion to sex/
there should have duty ,warmth,brightness except have sex .right ?
then people could have a really warm family

no, its not just in the US that sex is more open. Sweden and most of Europe actually are a lot more open about sex and a lot more accepting of pre-marital sex than the US.