Vinyl records & 45's


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Greetings music fans

So how many of you still have their vinyl records and 45's? Do you know what they are?

I still have all 3,606 of my Vinyl records and about 350 45'sand I still listen to them almost daily. Sometimes I think the quality of the sound is better than a CD. I don't know why but it just seems to be a bit lacking on a CD.

I recently bought a Acrylic turntable with a USB adapter so I can hook it up to my computer so I can record all the ablbms to my music collection on my computer and put them on my mp3 player.

lately there has been a resurgence of Vinyl records and 45's, even some newer artist are turning back to records (mainly as remixes for DJ's) and for the use in clubs.
I am happy to see them come back.

So do you still have all your Vinyl records and 45's? If you do how often do you listen to them?


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i have been a vinyl collector for around 30 years, i still play records every day. i'm always on the hunt for more. it's a sickness:lol:. i still learn new things about artists, groups, songs, albums and labels every day. collecting records is one of my greatest loves in life.

there are many reasons why your LPs will sound better than cds. for one the master from which your cd was made may actually be inferior to your LP. this can be due to several factors, most commonly, it is that the cd reissues are so compressed as to be bearly listenable when compared to the vinyl counterpart. another reason, is that oftentimes (esp. with hard rock/punk/heavy metal, etc.) "remastering" merely indicates that the volume has been increased, without the necesary tweaking of the boards. of course, there is also the fundemental difference in the way that cds are recorded as opposed to the way an LP is recorded. everything played, sung, etc. in the studio, shows up on the LP. with a cd, what you get is just enough sound so that you think your hearing everything that was played. we humans are not supposed be able to tell the difference, and yet, innumerable people can hear that something is not quite right.

i think vinyl will make a comeback. i envision a day when record stores will actually carry records again.



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We don't have a turntable but we stilll have the records. Now they're on "display" on the shelf with our CD and DVD collection. I think it would be interesting to play music that way again and listen to them.


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Just tonight I was admiring the Roger Dean artwork on a Uriah Heep LP and thinking, "Damn, I miss those days." Then I looked at the record itself and it was scratched six ways to fuck.

There's really no moral to the story. I just wanted to share.


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I have no clue what 45's are but in my house we have close to 1000 vinyl records. Some of the best we have are The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis and so many more goodies. I still like to put them on from time to time because there all classics.


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BR a 45 is a record that only has one song on each side. An A & B side.

I was listening to some records last night when my oldest came in my office and was poking around and picked up a record and asked what this was and when I told him he asked me how do you play it on an mp3 player (now keep in mind he is 9) it made me laugh a bit. I could have really baked his noodle if I pulled out the 8 track tape player and Reel to Reel tapes that I have.
I have a couple of records of bands that I listen to. They usually just release with records. But the bands aren't that well known either.