Vince's feud agaisnt Austin


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I was curious what were your thoughts on Vince McMahon when he had his major feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin? A lot of people are quick to give Austin and DX and The Rock high praise to make the Attitude ERA so great, but when Vince was feuding with Austin he put on a heck of a show and his character was one of the best heels of all time. I'm not talking about the wrestling either, I'm talking about his microphone skills, his encounters with Austin, his promo's etc. Thoughts?


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I remember when Austin had McMahon in the ring with a gun and people were actually getting worried in the audience. The whole feud was epic despite it dragging at some points. I think it's arguably the best feud in wrestling history.


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A fucking awesome feud played to perfection by both parties. Some of Vince's facial expressions were priceless and as Constantine mentioned the gun, When Austin said " Austin 3:16 says Vince just pissed his pants" that was gold.


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I mean what can ya say? The Vince McMahon character is one of the greatest heels in the history of the business. As a kid I legitimately hated the man. When he won the 1999 Royal Rumble I wouldn't to kill him I was pissed.

The gun thing, priceless. I remember when he (austin) got fired I was so mad and upset. Just an awesome feud.

Dont forget the scene at the hospital too where Austin beats the crap outta him. So good.


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I was just about to mention the scene at the hospital, one of the best segments I've seen. When Austin hit him with that bed pan, he knocked him out and gave him a concussion. You should of seen the dent he left on that thing.

One of the things I love the most from that feud is when Austin got arrested and was taken out of the arena with handcuffs on and all he did was swear and moved his head(I'm sure Austin fans know what I'm talking about)

Man such a great feud.

The only thing I disliked was that Vince had a bit of problems taking the Stunner.
This is what brough me over from WCW and made me a HUGE fan of Austin and the WWF. Actually this and the rest of the Attitude Era were the real reasons I was a wrestling fan and as soon as they both faded, I faded from wrestling as well. So many great moments in the feud. Fun to watch some of them on youtube from time to time.

I can't imagine any wrestling promotion ever having a feud this epic or entertaining ever again.


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Ahhhhh...the good old days of wrestling, this feud made it even sweeter.

I loved how Austin would just call him out to the ring, and Mchmahon would act like such a scared little cat. Priceless.

Austin and Mchmahon were great, but I liked Austin and the rock even better.