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Vince Young Fiasco


Registered Member
In the 3rd quarter of yesterday's game, Tennessee QB Vince Young hurt his thumb on his throwing hand. Young began warming up but coach Jeff Fisher told him to sit down and that he was going with 3rd stringer Rusty Smith.

Young flipped out, had words for Fisher and threw his shoulder pads in the stands, then left the locker room abruptly after the game. Fisher said Young will not start for the rest of the season. It is expected that he will be IR'd or released.

First off, the way Young acted was immature BUT look at it from his point, through what Deion Sanders said last night. Whenever Young screws up, everyone clammers for Kerry Collins but when Collins screws up, it's never his fault. Kind of a double standard in Tennessee I guess. And I do like Jeff Fisher, however, something has always seemed fishy with his dealings with Young. Definitely not the guy he ever wanted at quarterback I don't think.

I hope Vince catches on somewhere and has successes in the future. I think he needs a patient coach that can really cater to his unique talents. Hopefully that can help him out.


Like I said in the NFL thread, it is definitely time to get rid of Young. I think Fisher has been sick of Young for a while, but the owner doesn't have Fisher's back most of the time and continued to push Young as the QB of the future in Tennessee. Which everyone should admit by now, he is not. Sure, he finds ways to win, but how many times has he lead the team down the field and won games on his own? Usually the defense and Chris Johnson have quite a bit to do with that. I'm sure he'll go somewhere else and have some success - how much? I have no idea.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I agree with everything you said Squeak. He acted poorly after Fisher told him he's not coming in anymore, but it's sort of a slap in the face when he inserted Rusty Smith instead. I doubt Young will ever play a snap in a Titans uniform ever again. I'm sure that someone out there will give him a shot. He has a lot of skills, and he can be a dangerous player, but he needs a lot of work in his game and he needs to mature.


Son of Liberty
I agree with a lot of what you said, Squeaks. I think VY acted immaturely and could have handled it differently. While I like Jeff Fisher, and I agree with what Dungy said last night, that no one has their players backs more than Fisher, I do think he could have handled it better as well. I agree somewhat that there seems to be a different standard in Tennessee. VY needs to go somewhere else but he also needs to grow up somewhat.


A Darker Knight
A while back, I read something about players from Texas having a hard time making it into the NFL because they're so spoiled during their time at UT. Young was definitely a god down in Austin.


I will agree that it is kind of a double standard that Vince gets all of the blame when they lose while he's playing but if the Titans lose while he's not there it isn't as big of a deal. However, it seems to me like Vince wants all the perks of being a pro athlete (the money, fame, etc...) more than he wants to be the athlete.

I'm sure it was frustrating for him to be taken out of the game after he was injured, but the way he handled it was like a five-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. Who knows where he will end up next year. There are definitely going to be some places looking, so it's not like he'll be short on options. It will come down to how much he is willing to put in to prove himself.
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