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Vince McMahon not happy with TNA angle*spoiler*


I ♥ Haters
Rumors are floating around that Vince McMahon isn't too happy with Chyna's TNA debut. Turns out that he was planning on having her enter the HOF, but he's having second thoughts now. Here's the full article:

McMahon Reportedly Furious With TNA Angle (Contains Spoilers)

I'll be honest, when I read the article title I was like "ooh, I'm intrigued" and then about 20 seconds - intrigue is gone. But seriously, what problem does Vince have with Chyna working for the rival company? A lot of the Hall of Famers worked with different companies, so what.


Haters gonna hate.
You really should put major spoilers on this until the date in question passes...

But anyway...

Whatever. That's my mood when it comes to any HoF stuff and TNA stuff as well.


aka ginger warlock
I read about this on Tuesday I think and to be honest I don't see what Vince's problem is. I think he was just blowing steam. I mean how long was she expected not to work just incase there was a small chance she might get into the HOF? Also the fact that she left due to apparent backstage problems between her, HHH and Steph who could blame her?

The fact is Chyna has not been in WWE since 2001. Is Vince seriously that moronic? The women has not been in the company for ten years, what did her expect to do? Aside the fact that this years HOF was a joke...


I don't see why he would be so mad about this. Considering Chyna hasn't been relevant for years.

I guess he just feels he owns everyone.