Vince Carter Wall


Sultan of Swat
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Man that's really good, and I put it as my new wallpaper for my desktop, good job man, that's an awesome picture of Vince Carter, and I love the background, he's just in the sky, it's sick keep up the great work my friend.


damn thats nice, I like the idea a lot, preety cool how you placed the VC stock on the BG like that, This signature has a whole lot of potential I think, not that its bad now because its still good but if you add some more stuff to it it will look straight out awsome... get some ideas from deviant art, this one dude their makes crazy sky/space walls...

keep it up philip :)


that is veryy nice and fresh for your 3rd wall, you will get much better, trust me on that one.
the bg is verrry hawt
pretty small for my res lol

i like how it looks like he's coming out of the clouds. nice execution there. and yea great for a 3rd, keep at it
That's pretty cool, I like the concept. Only things I don't like is the smaller moon looks identical to the large one, and the images in the bottom left are really random and don't go with the picture at all.