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Vin Diesel and the Riddick Videogames


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This article is pretty interesting. Apparently Vin Diesel is really into fighting games and videogames in general.

Vin Revisits Riddick In "Dark Athena" - Video Game Feature - Yahoo! Video Games

I liked this part of the article:

Is it just a friendly thing, or is it actually money-on-the-line, pro-level gamers?

Pretty good gamers – I've gone to some places where I've snuck into some tournaments with pro players, and shocked them a little bit – they go "Okay, this is Vin Diesel, all right, you hold this controller" – and the next thing you know, "K.O.!" [laughs]. So, nothing official, all kinds of fun, but definitely maxed out that experience, played it to the fullest. There's nothing cooler than sitting in an auditorium filled with people and having your avatar on a 50-foot screen kicking someone's booty.
I always liked to see celebrities who are actually into things that we can relate to. I like how people assumed he was an idiot at these games and then got dominated by him. :lol:

He was the star in the game "Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay", and he actually had a hands on part of the game testing, giving his input, etc. He's a big time old school gamer and didn't want to be just another Hollywood action hero with his own videogame. He wanted them to be awesome.

There is a new Riddick videogame coming out soon called "Assault on Dark Athena".


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The first game was awesome, a perfect mix of melee combat and guns. Hopefully that trend will continue. I'd bet there's a lot more famous gamers out there than people realize, it's just that gaming is slowly becoming cooler these days, so we'll see more of them eventually.


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That is pretty interesting, would be awesome to see if for myself. I have also heard of other celebs, can't remember the names, but apparently they are WoW players or something.