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Hot! Villains Tourney: Round 4 (2/2) - Poll Closed

Vote for one in each matchup

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  • Poll closed .


Creeping On You
Pretty easy choices in this poll :lol:. Anywho, my votes are in and I'm excited to see how this all turns out.


I'm serious
Jigsaw got a raw deal on this poll. He's as mean as villains come, but he never stood a chance against The Joker.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Joker, Magneto, Harvey Dent, and Boba Fett will be moving on to the quarterfinals.

Dent won the tiebreaker vs Shredder by a score of 19-15.


He's okay. But he wouldn't even make my top 3 in the Nolan trilogy. Bane & Ra's al Ghul were far better villains. Just seems weird that one of the weaker villains in that series made it to the elite 8. I guess that speaks to the strength of villains in those three films. Haha.