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Views on modern advertising?


Registered Member
Advertising, in my opinion, has become very image conscious and relies on consumers being attracted by the product rather than looking into the information behind it. And I'm keen to find out whether other people see this in the same light as me?

Does anyone agree/ disagree? Or have any other views on the subject?


Embrace the Suck
When I initially entered college I wanted to get into either advertising or accounting. I pretty much accepted the fact that I wasn't creative enough to get into advertising, chose accounting as my major and eventually changed it to Economics.

So I've always been interested in advertising and have always loved TV commercials especially. I disagree that they've become more image conscious and and that the information behind the product is overlooked, I think that has always been the case. A good commercial grabs your attention AND you can recall what they are selling rather than just how funny the commercial is. In my opinion, one of the best sets of commercials is the E-Trade baby commercials. Not only are they funny, you immediately think of E-Trade. I think they also provide enough information in that quick 30 second spot regarding what they are selling and what is available for the consumer.