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Vietnam sentencing corrupt bankers to death


Free Spirit
Staff member
BANGKOK — For the most part, American bankers whose rash pursuit of profit brought on the 2008 global financial collapse didn’t get indicted. They got bonuses.

Odds are that scandal would have played out differently in Vietnam, another nation struggling with misbehaving bankers.

Vietnam is sentencing corrupt bankers to death, by firing squad | GlobalPost
In Vietnam if you are a corrupt banker you just might get a death sentence over it. I think this is a little harsh but the realities are that bankers can hurt our economy in a big way. So I do think they deserve more than a slap on the wrist and shouldn't be receiving bonuses afterwards. I think they should get long prison terms and barred from ever being in the banking business in any way in the future. All their assets should be confiscated and given to the people their practices have hurt.

This push to bank in a more Western style has ushered in improvements as well as temptations to swindle. According to the UN economist Vu Quang Viet, Vietnamese credit laws passed in 2010 “simply copied the lax US law now widely believed to be at least partially responsible for the financial debacle in 2008.”
I think they should think twice about this, look what happened to us. Which there, unlike here, if you swindle you are going to pay for it in a big way. Although like I said I don't approve of giving the death sentence over it. What they need to do is improve accountability and transparency because once the damage is done, its done, need to keep it from happening to begin with.



Problematic Shitlord
Firing squad? A little rough. I won't lie, I'm very angry that we did not persecute these bastards that raped our economy and just let them get away with it. I'm totally in favor of trying and jailing them however.


Embrace the Suck
To be honest I still haven't seen a viable argument towards anyone specifically that did anything illegally and actual charges that could be brought against any of these bankers that allegedly got off scott free.

This is going way too far. IF there has been anything done illegally then by all means, bring charges and throw them in prison, but a firing squad is going way too far.