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Yes, veside collecting toys, I am a avid collector of videogame... mostly Nintendo stuff, but I have gotten into other systems lately

That is my complete list of games to this minute...

477 total games, Almost rivals my Star Wars collection!!

224 NES 46%
52 SNES 10%
52 2600 10%
45 GCN 9%
35 N64 7%
17 GBA 3%
13 PC 2%
10 PS 2%
8 DS 1%
4 GB 0%
4 DC 0%
4 Coleco 0%
3 Gen 0%
3 VB 0%
2 GBC 0%
1 Sega CD 0% (dont know why I have this game, as I dont have the system to play it on)

15 systems and 477 games, and constantly growing!!
Soooo I'm scrolling through your incredibly long list of games (where the heck do you keep those) and I notice Haunted House on your Atari eyes lit up and now...tell me all about that one!!


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Comeon... its 2600, where most games were nothing but blocks and blips... unlike todays games...

You'd probably get a kick out of the Resident Evil series of games!!


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I like how the total value is close to $10k, but it would REALLY be cool if they showed MSRP from when each game came out. At close to 500 games I think it could easily be at least double the current value, and that's at a $40 estimate per game. ($20k)