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Videogames 100 years from now?


Secret Agent
Staff member
So I decided to get a thread going for your expectations for videogames 100 years from now after the other two threads I made had good replies.

So what do you think videogames will be like? I think the term "videogame" might be gone completely by then. The games of the future could easily be much more like "jacking in" to the matrix, type of deal, where you are plugged into a system that simulates an entire virtual world.

I also expect games to move from the primarily visual setup of today, to more of a full experience. By then, the human brain may have been decyphered, where computers are able to trick our minds into thinking we are in different situations, including several (if not all) of the senses.

I'm not sure how many people would find a battle game very fun if it actually felt like you just got shot when you are shot in the game, but who knows. There are certainly many potential elements that could be introduced to games in the future that we aren't even able to think up right now.


Registered Member
It will probably be about as realistic as you can get, or very close to it. I'm sure it will be an entire virtual reality experience, rather than just visual and auditory. All of the senses will be used, perhaps in a "jack" like the Matrix, or maybe just some sort of helmet or holodeck. Unpleasant stimuli will be probably be minimized, or non-existant. Perhaps if you are shot in the game, you'll have some kind of tingly feeling where you were wounded, or something neutral like that. Very few people would probably enjoy unpleasant smells either, especially smells in a war zone. Then again, anything in war, when made realistic enough, would probably be too unpleasant for anyone. Perhaps some masochists might like virtual pain, or people might want to see a historical battle as realistically as possible.

In some aspects, games becoming more realistic might make them not fun anymore. After all, the point is to escape from reality, otherwise we wouldn't need games. A racing game, or flying game, or something like that would be fine being indistinguishable from reality.

Hopefully, storytelling in games will be vastly improved 100 years from now. It seems with increased technology, there are more and more games that tell can tell a good story. Better and better technology allows game creators to tell stories in better, more beautiful, and more unique ways. I'm sure in the next few decades we will see games become a true artform.


Heavy Weapons Guy
Yes, they will probably be quite awesome, the way the technology is progressing. The war game swill be so realistic that most kids hopefully be allowed to play the games.


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Yeah, I think it could be dangerous tricking your senses or even your brain in to think that you got killed or shot, or even lost any arm. I see heart attacks playing into the danger. It would be cool for a virtual reality. As long as it is safe for my body and mind.


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I see us all finally being able to afford the PS3...

I was going to say some sort of virtual implant, but thats already been said.


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I agree with the matrix-style comments. But we all know that eventually it would backfire and BOOM! human race is enslaved by toasters.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I, for one, welcome our new toaster overlords!

Anyway, I'm seeing more of a real time environment, coupled with some kind of sensory thing to keep you smelling/feeling what's going on in the game.