Video Issue. Compatibility? DirectX?

I've been trying to play this old game that was for Windows 95, and I currently on Windows XP. Well, it works fine except when I get into animation. Once any animation begins I get a black screen. I tried changing the compatibility to Windows 95 and 98, but that doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas?



Guardian of the Light
I have that problem with 2 of my games that worked awesome on windows 95/98 but they won't work on any newer versions of windows.

The only solution that I know of would be to install windows 95 or 98.

If you have an older computer to do that on then that would be the prime option but if you don't then you can always use microsoft virtual PC (it's the first program from microsoft that actually works).

I'm actually in the process of installing windows 98 on a very old machine just for the sake of playing some of these games that I miss a lot.