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Video games criticized for depicting reality


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I've been playing a game called Persona 5 (give it a try if you haven't!) and I read some critics about how they display transgender characters and its possibilities through the series. Other characters avoid them or generally looking scared. One team member has similar characteristic, but is not available as possible romantic interest. I understand the reason of the criticism, but that's how reality is. It must be especially true for countries like Japan, where the game originates from.

Would you put it on the game for being real or would you rather video games to show only good, positive messages?


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Unfortunately it is a reality as you've said to have these things in video games. It's not particularly forthcoming to parents who wish to buy the games for their kids, but it's a reality none the less. Me personally? I wouldn't put it in the game unless the content warrants it. So don't be surprised if you see transgender characters in a game like GTA because of it's setting and location and the way the game is in general, but overall I'm not huge on it.


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I'm still not over being at a cousin's house and wandering down the basement where the kids were playing video games. Oldest child about 14 - most around 12, 4 or 5 of them watching one play Grand Theft Auto. The 14 year old was explaining how to kill the hooker after you paid her to get your money back.

I made sure my kids did not have that game at my house.


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Yeah, I'm always careful with the games I play when my nephew comes to visit (although he's only 6) and I make sure I don't expose him to too much violent stuff. Basically, we're playing sports games haha