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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Babe_Ruth, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    It is said that an activist party is going to try and pass a law stating that games with excessive violence and that contain the use of drugs will not be able to be sold in the United States. Many activists are trying to stop the making of the next Gta game for ps3 (basically every overprotective mom with PMS). It is suspected that Jack Thompson and Hilary Cliton are the main forces supporting this party.

    How do you feel about this? do you think violence is created by the influence of gaming? Do you think video game violence caused the school shootings?

    Adam Sesseler and Jack Thompson on the debate of video game violence:

  2. Blur

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    I dont think it is problematic at all. The only problem is parents who let their 5 year old kid get Max Payne and Grand Theift Auto and then get them Xbox live or ps2 online. Then they complain about their kid immitating firing guns and swinging knives and say it's all the videogame's fault. But it's theirs for not following the ESRB rating. And it's just that simple.
  3. Iris

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    Blur, I totally agree with you. My mom's friend, who we've known since before I was born, buys GTA for her 9-12 year old son and also any football games out...

    Although he hasn't shown any violent nature, I just don't think that's a good idea to buy that kind of game for someone so young. But all in all, I don't think video games cause violence, people do. Besides, a lot of reason why games are popular with teens is because it's escapism. When someone plays a lot, usually they are trying to escape from the real world into a fantasy one. :l
  4. Gavik

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    Silly Jack Thompson, doesn't he know the morals of our youth are on the decline because of gay marriage? How are parents supposed to be responsible for what their children do? And while you're at it, why doesn't somebody do something about how fat I am?

    Go Adam, he was angry! You can't ban anything like this under the first amendment, because if you do, pretty soon the question changes from "what can be banned?" to "what can't be banned?" Open your eyes! Violence wasn't invented by the media.
  5. WindAndConfusion

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    There are actually some decent studies that link violent video games to measures of violent psychological tendencies, under clinical conditions.

    "Under clinical conditions" is probably the key phrase there. Human social behavior is incredibly complicated, and "violent tendencies" are not easily amenable to empirical investigation.

    I would be more convinced if someone did a study linking violent video games to actual criminal behavior, but that would only establish correlation, not causation.
  6. indieinmich

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    As a mother of 4 I do feel video game restriction in a home is important.But this should be done by the parent based on their family beliefs and the childs maturity level.
    Is there something wrong in our culture?Perhaps there is.Maybe our youths attitudes are a reflection of this.I would also argue that video games are a product of this "something" not the cause of.

    To those parents who would advocate for such regulation I say...Parent your own children and stay out of my home.

    To the elected officials I say...There are plenty of more pressing issues for you to deal with other than interfereing in the lives of the people.I cant turn on my tellie or radio without me and my children hereing of the war and the death it has caused.Perhaps you should start by regulating the real violence in this world before you worry about pretend violence.
  7. Merc

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    It's about time we heard from a parent who isn't so blinded by what the media tells them. Rep to you.

    My stance exactly. I don't get how politicians get off bashing video games and pay no attention to what any single child can see on one of several news channels in any household with at least basic cable. I think one of the main reasons video game violence has become such a hot issue is because people realize there is money to be made from the gaming companies, most of which are experiencing healthy growth as gaming has become part of our social culture.
  8. leopardpm

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    although I see your point, the people that would profit from industry regulation are not necessarily the ones advocating for it. The REAL 'profit' is the power and feeling of being able to tell others what to do - the motivation is the desire to control the actions of other human beings under the guise of 'helping them' as if they can't help themselves. This is pure 'nanny' regulation and a direct violation of parental rights, not to mention the property rights of the video game makers.
  9. Corona

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    Eh, the government should keep its damn hands out of the private industry as much as possible. It is the parents' responsibility to monitor the media their children experience.
  10. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    There are the ratings, and then the parents to figure out whether or not the content of the game is appropriate for the child, and their demeanor. Two lines of defense are plenty, if the parents wish to self-destruct this well-planned balance by ignoring ratings and turning a blind eye to what their kids are being exposed to, that's shameful and completely their fault.

    Industry has been plenty helpful and responsible to the government and parental demands, and should be blamed no more.

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