Video Game Music

i heard about this show called video games live...has anyone seen it or been to a show...i've been wanting to go and wanted to know what to expect. It looks pretty cool, but what do you guys think.
i believe he is talking about a show that plays video games music. I too wanted to go to the show but have found nothing relevant to the NYC area. Does anyone have anything that I don't know about?? Well I did find some info on shows in Chicago and Boston that I figured maybe some people interested would want to know about:

[FONT=&quot]Chicago Theatre, Nov. 15th

20% off tix when you buy here and use the code CTVGL5 in the promo code
Video Games Live tickets The Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL, Directions, seating chart. Official Ticketmaster site.

[FONT=&quot]Boston: Want Theatre, Nov. 21st
25% off tix when you type VGLAAXIS in the promo code box here:

ooh, omg that's exciting :)

haha i clicked in here hoping to find out about final fantasy music :p
they have the best video game music.
instrumental, mostly.