Victim Drives Rapist to Police While He Sleeps


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Talk about balls. I give this girl major kudos.

Victim drives sleeping rapist to police station

Wed Nov 5, 10:15 am ET
WELLINGTON (Reuters) – A New Zealand rape victim drove her rapist to a police station when he fell asleep in his car after assaulting the woman, local media reported on Wednesday.
Vipul Sharma, 22, was found guilty of abduction and two charges of rape by the Auckland District Court Tuesday, court officials told Reuters Wednesday.
The New Zealand newspaper said Sharma met the woman at an Auckland bar in 2006 and later drove her first to a park where he raped her in the back seat of his car.
After the attack Sharma allowed the woman to drive and fell asleep in the passenger seat, so the woman drove him to Auckland Central police station where he was arrested, said the newspaper.
"She showed a lot of bravery and common sense. I have nothing but respect for what she has endured," police detective Simon Welsh told the newspaper.
(Reporting by Michael Perry; Editing by Bill Tarrant) Print Story: Victim drives sleeping rapist to police station - Yahoo! News


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The guy just . . allows her to drive? I'm not trying to sound like I'm supporting criminality here, but come on, you don't need to be even remotely criminal to see how poorly he executed his plan.

Stupidity can definitely be a good thing I guess!


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Good for her! I hope all women would have done the same thing. If I were him I would have played it all for being consensual though using the reasoning that if it were rape I would have most definitely ran away after I did it.


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Fortunately, even if he did, when someone reports it right away, there are often signs of a struggle in rape cases (bruising, etc).
Either he's not that bright or something fishy is going on around here. Letting her drive after raping her? That doesn't scream rape to me, that screams "I made a mistake and rather own up to it, I'll decide to convince myself that he raped me. That'll solve it!" :eek:
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Yeah it seems a little odd.... but if it is the case...good for her. I would have ran the first chance I got.


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It is odd, but people do idiotic things all the time. And there is the stereotype of the guy rolling over and going to sleep after sex.

One of the problems with stopping rapists is so often, the crime doesn't get reported, or it doesn't get reported for a while, and/or the victim destroys the evidence (showers it off, or burns clothes, etc).