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Michael Vick is done serving his sentence, now the NFL is reviewing his case. First off do you believe he should get suspended by the NFL? Second do you see him playing in the NFL this season? Rumors are that seven teams are itnerested in his services.
Rumors are that seven teams are interested in his services.
Good! We need to stop condemning the man for life and forgive and forget. Let him play football again and let him continue making a living.
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What does he need to be suspended for, he's already been in jail for a while, on house arrest if I'm correct and kicked off the Falcons. Just let whatever team that wants him take him and he can go back to his regular life from there.


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7 teams? I find that hard to believe. If anything people will be watching whatever team he ends up going to just for the fact that he's playing.


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I believe the rumors are true that him and Goodell will be meeting this week and I hope he's reinstated ASAP.

Vick served a 23-month sentence. He's done his time. I believe he feels bad for what he did..

Stallworth gets 29-days and he KILLED A HUMAN.

.. but of course I guess animals are more important then us.
I am glad to see he is done serving his sentence and has a chance to play in the NFL again. I am not shocked by 7 teams, the guy is extremely talented and just needs a little time to get back to being 100% football ready. I'll be interested to see what team he lands on and what role they give him.


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I can't find the link anymore Blueyes but the article that I read yesterday on Foxsports said that seven teams are interested in his services.

I as well don't believe he should get suspended, he already served his punishment.


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I think Vick should be reinstated for this season and should get a chance to play and prove he's a changed man.

He served his debt to society...I think that also means he served his debt to football too. This would be like suspending him twice and never giving him a 2nd chance.

He fucked up and he paid for it...the dude is broke. Give him a chance to land on a team and make the money back. If he screws it up then cut his ass.


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I'm pretty sure he will be reinstated. I would be shocked if he wasn't. I don't think what he did was right but there is hope for people to change. I read in article that during his prison sentence meet with a few animal rights activists. I wouldn't mind if he was reinstated. I will try looking for the article about the teams that are interested him. I read article a few days back that the Giants and Jets aren't interested in him.